The Kaynor Drama program allows students to express their interests in the arts by improving their skills in acting, stage management, props, costumes, and lighting/sound. This program was founded in an attempt to improve Kaynor’s atmosphere by adding more activities for the students to take part in.  

The founder, Mrs. Gannon, has spent many years building the foundation of the Drama department and has directed countless shows. She is currently in the process of retiring and we will miss her dearly. She is entrusting the drama department to Mrs. Anthony, a new member of the Drama department.

The Drama department offers opportunities to work in lighting, sound, set design, stage management, and of course, acting.

After School Activities

Lighting – learn how to set up the light fixtures and how it affects the actor’s face

Sound – learn how to set up the soundboard

Set Design – paint the stage and set the atmosphere to suit the play

Stage management – make sure everyone is doing their job

Props – collect items for the actors to use on stage

Costumes – design the costume for the actors

Acting – learn blocking, how to project your voice, and how to properly convey your character’s emotions

Contact Info

Name: Lynne Gannon

Telephone: 203-578-8782


Name: Victoria Anthony

Telephone: 203-578-8778